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Gotham Chocolate: Brazen

Gotham Chocolate: Brazen

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The beans for the Brazen Bar are sourced from Öko-Caribe in the Dominican Republic, where 165 family farms collectively produce certified organic cacao. It is a 70% deep dark chocolate with notes of dates, raisin, and roasted orange peel.

Gotham Chocolates started in 2015 as a passion project in the kitchen of Gotham Bar and Grill, a project spearheaded by then Pastry Chef Ron Paprocki and General Manager Bret Csencsitz. The idea was to create the best NYC-based craft chocolate brand that celebrated our city and New York values at their best: quality, character, integrity, and beauty. We source the best cacao from around the world and roast, winnow, and process our chocolate in our kitchen on 12th street in Greenwich Village, NYC. In 2020 our passion became our purpose, as Gotham Chocolates brought our kitchen back to life while waiting for our great city to reopen.

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