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Ruby Coffee Roasters: Colombia

Ruby Coffee Roasters: Colombia

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Based in central Wisconsin, Ruby’s roasting philosophy is to preserve origin character, provide coffees that can truly shine in any brew method, and offer balance in the cup.


Each Ruby coffee is carefully chosen to represent a glimpse of microclimate, micro-region, and a vignette into a moment in time. Their coffees change seasonally based on the harvest cycle of the countries they work with 


Ruby is proud to partner with environmentally conscious producers, and Grupo Asociativo Asoguacharos from Bruselas in Huila, Colombia is our latest environment-focused partnership. Los Guacharos is an association made up of many small farmers who all work together to achieve a common goal — producing amazing coffee while developing eco-friendly independence.


The association has built an amazing system for generating community stock of organic fertilizers based on molasses, cow manure, bone ash, rice husk, organic micro-nutrients to which native fungi and bacteria are added. The group has nearly transitioned away entirely from chemical fertilizers and doesn’t use any pesticides or herbicides.


The coffee is also only washed once during fermentation, leaving residual pulp on the seed and contributing not only to extended sweetness in the cup, but also to less wastewater that needs to be processed. Runoff from fermentation and washing is filtered through channels that have contaminant absorbing flower roots which allow the filtered water to be collected for farm use later.


This is our fourth year being able to offer Los Guacharos in our lineup, and we’re excited to build commitment to Los Guacharos in the way that Los Guacharos is committed to constantly improving their quality and environmental efforts.

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