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San Giacomo: Balsamic Vinegar

San Giacomo: Balsamic Vinegar

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Andrea Bezzecchi of Acetaia San Giacomo is recognized as an award-winning producer of balsamic vinegar in the Reggio Emilia region of Italy. With passion and knowledge passed on from father to son, Andrea is the keeper of tradition and original techniques for the production of aged balsamic vinegar. San Giacomo represents passion, one thousand years of culture, precision, rigorous production methods and slow and meticulous maturation of the balsamico.

The balsamic begins with only one ingredient – the cooked grape must of local Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes. The grape must is cooked over an open fire and reduced. Then the long aging process begins using traditional wooden barrels of decreasing size and of at least four different types of wood. The evolution of the balsamic, ultimately expressed through its perfumes and taste, is an incomparable and extraordinary experience

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