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Sqirl LA: Santa Rosa Plum Fruit Spread

Sqirl LA: Santa Rosa Plum Fruit Spread

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Viscous, jolly rancher, holy. 

About the Fruit 
This complex hybrid plum has roots in Japan, but was ultimately bred in 1906 by Luther Burbank, a California horticulturist known for developing over 800 varieties of plants!

While we used to get our Santa Rosas from Flora Bella (RIP our favorite trees!), and then we procured a little from Andy’s Orchard last year, we were able to get a good amount this year from Windrose who grows a ton of wonderful stone fruit varieties! With hardly any shelf life, we immediately cook them in our 15 qt copper jam pans.

“Holy stone fruit! This is the jam." - Quote from the old copywriting

*Santa Rosa plums, *cane sugar, *Sorrento lemon juice,

*certified organic

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